2 x Miniature Ceramic Houses + 1 Shed (Set A)


2 x miniature ceramic houses pictured + a shed.  A small hamlet of houses sure to bring you joy with every glance.


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For sale – a set of 2 mini pottery houses with an accompanying shed “kennel”. Hand made and picked as a set by the artist – for their aesthetic appeal.

These wonderful hand-crafted miniature ceramic houses are made from the finest clays with differing glazed wall colourings (see photo of this set for details). The roofs are glazed in a delightful beige and speckled blue agate gloss offering a deep and fascinating shimmer. Each house in this set is completely unique and hand built by me, differing in dimensions with windows and doors positioned around each wall.

My cute little house sets make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones. They are perfect house moving/warming gifts, or maybe just a way of letting people know you are thinking of them.

This set can be placed on your windowsill, mantlepiece or gathered perhaps in a goldfish bowl or around the base of your favourite house plant.

Approximate Dimensions (each house is unique). See coin comparison in photos for accurate sizing.
Width 2cm to 2.5cm
Depth 1.5cm to 2cm
Height 2cm to 3cm

Please contact me if you would like more detail on the items, i.e. additional photos, etc, and I will try to accommodate you.

Why Purchase from Penny Pottery?

All items are:
– Handmade and glazed by a single artist – Penny.
– Twice fired and glaze fired to 1220C. These will last for thousands of years.
– Created using the highest quality clays and glazes.
– Never created from a mold, template.
– Made in small batches increasing rarity of specific designs.
– Sustainably produced with the environment in mind. Fired with electricity from renewable energy provider. Sent using recycled and/or recyclable packing material.

In a world dominated by mass produced items, it is refreshing and exciting to own a piece of hand crafted art, knowing that it is uniquely yours.

Penny is a highly collected ceramic artist of 30+ years, who originally studied at the world renowned Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, UK. The Cornish coast is a strong source of inspiration for Penny, many of her pieces recreate the sea; the fishing boats, harbours and cottages precariously perched on the cliff tops where she grew up.

Penny founded PennyPottery in 2020 and sells via galleries in Wales, Cornwall & Surrey + online.

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