Penny Pottery was founded by Penny Howarth, a highly collected artist based in the county of Surrey in the United Kingdom. All artwork on this site was hand-built and finished in its entirety by one artist – Penny. All designs are completely unique, one of a kind pieces. Nothing is created from molds or template. The artworks are created with high quality clay and glazes and fired in the artists own kiln in a workshop at the bottom of her garden.

Penny Pottery
Official Shop
is OPEN!

Exclusive pieces are available direct from my PennyPottery shop (Opened June 2022)
You may also purchase via my online store on Etsy or Folksy if you prefer.
Please note – I do not sell via any other online store other than those listed above.

Miniature Ceramic Houses handmade by Penny Howarth of Penny Pottery UK

Physical Stores – Various galleries and shops resell my items with permission. More information will follow or you can contact me with queries.

Maker’s Mark – Information on my stamp and how it evolves is available here.

Record of Provenance – All items are handmade by Penny Howarth, an artist from the UK. Items are highly sought after and collectable. This provenance record provides information on the pieces of work in order to protect collector investment and provide insight into the items to aid collections to be built.


Welcome to the Penny Pottery Shop

All pieces for sale were created by UK artist Penelope Howarth in the Penny Pottery studio in Surrey, UK. This is the official Penny Pottery online store.

Ceramic Art Diary


Please contact me via email pennypotterycouk@gmail.com. You may also follow me on twitter @pennypottery and like my facebook page.